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Meet Denise

Past and Present studies

Licensed Certified  Holistic and Therapeutic Massage Therapist

Reiki Master

Flower Remedies



Orthomolecular Medicine

Nutritional Balancing


HealthScan Technique

Nutritional Support

Sound Therapy

Ayurvedic Medicine

 Craniosacral Therapy 

 Somatic Emotional Release

  Animal Communication

and Wellness Check

The Emotion Code

Intuitive Guidance



and the workings of the Native American Medicine Wheel 


                                            Let's Chat
I've been involved with the healing arts for most of my adult life.  I am constantly studying, adding to my knowledge and increasing my tools to better serve you.
I have been an intuitive for as long as I can remember. Sometimes, talking to my friends, we use my skills for play.  However, I assure you when a horse told me he smelled fire I took it seriously and that communication prevented a disaster.  His owner was able to check out the area, it was as described by the horse.  A potential tragedy was averted. 

A physical, emotional or spiritual problem?  I have worked on people and animals for around 38 years and remotely for over 20 years, all over the world.  So far, all the animals have communicated with me.

Nutrition is also a part of my skillset. What you eat plays a very important role in your health. Have you ever tried to operate a motor vehicle without the correct fuel?  Do you have an autoimmune illness? Metabolic Syndrome or are you diabetic? I can help you. 
             Email to set up a free 15min consultation


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                       Denise Miner LMT  NC  CECP                     

Cape Cod, Mass            


The health modalities offered on this website are not a means of diagnosis, treatment, prescription,

or a cure for any disease conditions, mental or physical.  They are simply a means of balancing and

strengthening the body.

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