Do you have metabolic syndrome?  

Are you Insulin Resistant?

Do you have Type 2 Diabetes?

Meet Denise


I've been involved with the healing arts for most of my adult life.  I found Nutritional Balancing when my health was challenged in 2008.  I had been ill for 3 years.  My medical team couldn't figure it out as my blood tests did not reveal any significant problems...certainly nothing to do with the symptoms I had been having.  I purchased a sauna and searched on line on how to use it therapeutically.  That's when I found Dr. Larry Wilson, MD and Nutritional Balancing Science.  I immediately sent for a hair kit and had my first Hair Analysis.  From that point on I knew I wanted to become a practitioner.

I believe it saved my life.  

Get in touch with me.  Let me explain the process so you too can be helped.


Healthy Diet Meals

Homemade Pizza with Cauliflower Crust.


Vegetables with chicken in spaghetti squash crust.

Nutritional Balancing with Hair analysis

You will receive two personalized consultations and support, a 12-18 pages of  written analysis with charts plus recommendations for supplements, foods, detoxing  techniques, and exercise best suited for you.  Includes all the lab work.


Progress and Comparison Analysis

You will receive one consultation.  Complete retesting of mineral levels with explanation of the results and suggested modifications to the supplement program as indicated by changes since previous test.


Reiki Distance Healing and Guidance

from a Reiki Master and Consultant

This gentle form of healing energy can be sent to anyone in any location.  Including children and the elderly.  Stress reduction is one of the most common reasons people have Reiki treatments.  It is also effective for all types of pain, illness, and conditions.  It is used in the hospital today and it helps to combat negative effects of chemotherapy and other treatments that are so very harsh on the body. 


Also included  in the session are any messages that may come in from spirit.