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Currently 2018 - 2019 enrolled in a year long study of the Medicine Wheel with Dakota Earth Cloud of Gaia Wisdom School



My Story


My background in traditional medicine started in 1979 when I became a nursing assistant for a private nursing home in New Hampshire.    That worked for awhile until we moved.


In 1985 when I started my first company, I shifted over to alternative/complementary healthcare and practiced  energy work and did consultations.  I channeled energy and witnessed miracles. My services were free  as  I believed the healing energy was divinely gifted.  Since then I have just added to it...I went to school.

It wasn't until 1999  at age 49 that I decided to go to school.  I studied at the Polarity Realization Institute, and energy based school,  and graduated in 2000.  I have Massachusetts State Licensure and Certification:  in Holistic and Therapeutic Massage, Polarity and Advanced Polarity, Anatomy + Physiology and Advanced A+P, Craniosacral Therapy 1+2, Somatic Emotional Release, and I also studied Reiki and became a Reiki Master.  Energy based therapies are one of my strengths for which I can work remotely.  

All of my education and business was going well until I became ill.  That is when I found Nutritional Balancing Science. My health improved  and I received a diploma in Nutritional Balancing Science  from Westbrook University under the auspices of Larry Wilson, MD in 2009.  Dr. Wilson's course entailed his empirical findings and the life work of his mentor Dr. Paul Eck.  Dr. Eck  created Nutritional Balancing Science and founded Analytical Research Laboratories in 1974 and ran it until his death in 1996.  The lab is still running today under the guidance of his family.  


I also completed another HTMA course and Certification in 2015  through the Malter Institute by Richard Malter, PhD.  His curriculum  included his work on the emotional level based on his empirical findings and also the work of his mentors, Drs. Paul Eck and David Watts from Trace Elements Inc.  

My studies are ongoing through course work  and on my own.  I am a serious autodidact and have studied and continue to follow the works of Dr. Carolyn Dean and Morley Robbins and other experts in the field of nutrition, health, and wellness.

I live on beautiful Cape Cod Massachusetts and I work remotely all over the world.